How Your Agency Can Support Clients Better With Social Data

Many creative, marketing, and advertising agencies can benefit from MailChimp's powerful features. While it might be possible for a digital marketing manager to have a working knowledge of SEO, PPC, UX, analytics, content marketing, and social media marketing, it's highly unlikely that a single individual will have detailed knowledge of all of these disciplines.

I've worked with a lot of clients in the past who were too afraid to post about touchy” subjects, such as price and comparisons, but this is the type of information people are looking for - and if a business isn't willing to provide the answers - they will lose out on a lot of traffic, and a lot of potential conversions.

I focus on offering clients, quite literally, a complete online business solution. With an endless number of choices, it can be overwhelming to find a tool that's flexible enough to meet the unique, varying needs of each and every one of your clients - all while meeting your agency's own business objectives.

We want our clients to have no doubt that the people they interact with at Web Talent Marketing have their best interests at heart. I would also advice that person to make sure that they have a good social media strategy and a strategy that identifies what channels they're on, what types of content they want on each channel and who they're reaching.

For $1,997, you could manage all of a client's social media accounts and create stories that build their brand. Sendible has a new solution called Client Connect, that allows clients to grant you access to their social profiles without ever needing to transfer passwords.

To connect additional agency account users to a client account, your account users must have their own logins on your agency account. If winning new clients through referrals like this isn't appealing to them, you may want to consider offering some of your services as a white label solution.

Refer back to your social listening and content share tracking solutions to gauge the effectiveness of your clients' social strategies. But accomplishing it is easier than you think by creating a digital social media marketing agency. Copying and pasting one campaign idea from client to client, or project to project, is easy in the short run but you may lose the long game as other agencies experiment with new technologies to enhance their digital campaigns.

What That Looks Like: We partner with our clients to understand their products and services, and the best ways we can showcase them and sell them together. These questions should drive your prospective digital marketing agency to elaborate. Social analytics is a How to get clients for your marketing agency large part of how agencies support their clients, yet agencies do not have the budget to fully support these efforts.

One of my first marketing experiments after opening up my agency's office in downtown Norfolk, Virginia was to setup a Facebook ad campaign advertising our web design and development services. Our approach: Our 3d Brand Strategy process is designed to tease out all the hidden agendas and provoke all the arguments at the very start of the campaign, before any ink (or pixels or blood) gets spilt.

Ensure your content is unique and credible and you'll be surprised how a relatively low cost piece can increase your agency's exposure to a wealth of potential new clients. In a lot of cases, this simply leads to parting ways and the clients going to find an agency they can afford.

Brandee Johnson: In the best case scenarios, and it was true for this scenario, we had the opportunity to interview people who worked in the company, clients, as well as doing industry and competitive research to understand kind of what competitors are doing, how they are positioning themselves, and then kind of carving out some unique messaging for this company.

In this blog post, I'll walk through some of the key nuances of taking on SaaS companies as clients for your PPC agency, and offer some advice on how to collaborate with them properly in order to ensure a lasting relationship (and a healthy monthly retainer).

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